About Us

2006: Establishment of OBT
2007: Software R&D Dept. and Marketing Dept. established
2008: R&D Center established. Business in R&D projects with Chinese national petroleum enterprises started.
2009: Production Operation Management Dept. established. Successfully explored the unconventional oil &
          gas stimulation market, started providing fracturing services for domestic customers.
2010: New branches opened in Chengdu, Xinjiang and Xi’an.
2011: Successfully hosted “the 1st Forum for China Unconventional Oil & Gas Fracturing Technology”.
2012: Breakthrough achieved in the technology of unconventional oil & gas production. Successfully hosted “the 2nd Forum for China Unconventional Oil & Gas Fracturing Technology”.
2013: Participated Sinopec Fuling XJ-1 Shale Gas Production Program. Successfully development of DF-1 low molecular activated gel.
2014: Provided fracturing support the “Well Plant” at Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Project. Branch offices in Weiyuan and Sulige are put into operation.
2015: Branch office in Houston put in operation. OBT's total turnover exceeds USD 50 million for the first time.

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