About Us
Headquartered in Beijing, China, Orient Baolin Technology Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “OBT” or “the Company”), is one of the China’s leading fracturing service providers for the production of shale oil & gas, and tight oil & gas, with work performance in more than 210 wells and 100% safe man-hours in business. OBT also provides fracturing relating software and chemicals. The Company’s products include fracking related software, Slick Water System, Guar Gel System, Active Gel System, Drilling Fluid System, Acids for acidizing treatment or acid-fracking, Packers and Bridge Plugs etc.

OBT’s customers use the Company’s products in many areas including Fuling Shale Gas Blocks, Weiyuan Shale Gas Blocks, Changning Shale Gas Blocks and Sulige Tight Gas Blocks. OBT has solely completed fracking design for more than 70 wells and jointly carried out fracking design with renowned engineering companies for more than 100 wells till the end of 2015.

OBT’s foundation is people and technology. OBT’s corporate culture is Creativeness, Diversity, Health & Safety, Contribution and Love our people and customers. The Company is comprised of a dedicated and multi-talented workforce of nearly 90 employees worldwide with rich experience in oil & gas industry.

OBT puts a lot of efforts on R&D. 6 renowned professors both at home and abroad are now working for OBT. The Company undertakes averagely 15 R&D projects each year and possesses 11 national patents.
Time Axis of OBT’s Development Milestones

Products and Services
OBT is specialized in well stimulation and production enhancement design and engineering. The Company’s scope of services includes the following:
• Well stimulation / completion design;
• Downhole tools design;
• Field site engineering services;
• Research and consultants;
• Oil and gas industry software development;
• Oil and gas environment protection consultancy.
OBT has a chemical plant in southwest of China and a downhole tool plant in Tianjin. The Company is also specialized in the development of fracking related software. The Company’s scope of products includes six series:
fracking software package, Slick Water System, Guar Gel System, Active Gel System, Drilling Fluid System, Acids for acidizing treatment and acid-fracking, Downhole tools (Packers and Bridge Plugs etc.). The Company provides more than 60% of the slick water and nearly 100% of the guar gel system in the largest shale gas project in China.

OBT only concentrates in one major market segment:
- Oil and Gas Production and Transmission (O&G).
An essential requirement for market success is operating effectively in every region. With the good performance and with the onboard of international employees, OBT is now willing to explore the international market through a marketing strategy of deploying processes within the culture of the region. OBT is adaptive and is able to operate effectively within the common practices of the region.

Customer Support
Another important requirement for market success is providing the necessary after-sales service and support geographically near the customer. OBT currently has 5 work bases in Chengdu, Chongqing, Urumqi, Weiyuan and Sulige, which are just on the site of the project or quite near to the Company’s main customers.

Social Responsibility
Environmental friendly, employee’s health and safety performance are valued and be regarded as top priority in OBT. Due to the strict conformity to the internal and customers’ HSE rules and regulations, OBT has been keeping a record of zero accident since the establishment of the Company in 2006.

Emission standards are becoming increasingly more stringent worldwide and are a core customer requirement. Offering environmental friendly products provides OBT a competitive advantage. OBT maintains a leadership position with its DFBL™ slick water system. The flowback fluid can be easily reused after the removal of the oil in it.

Supplier and Partnership Relationships
OBT’s suppliers are classified into three categories: approved, certified and partners. Suppliers undergo a rigorous process to achieve these ratings, including an on-site investigation on the suppliers’ material and documentation control, personnel selection and training, quality management, and continuous improvement approach. Annual quality, timely delivery, lifetime cost, and cycle-time reduction goals are established and monitored. OBT promotes or degrades the suppliers’ ranking according to suppliers’ annual rating.

Supplier partnerships exist where there is a critical dependency on supplier’s technology, quality performance, and/or lead times. A few selected partners have demonstrated the highest quality and performance standards, participated in shared risk-taking, and assigned people in OBT's facilities to participate on new product development teams. On the technology part, OBT has established partnership with Texas A&M University, Houston University and China Petroleum University to strengthen the Company’s R&D work.

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