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Orient Bao Lin was invited to participate in the 2016 annual carbon dioxide exchange in PetroChina fracturing technology


(Wenli Zhang feeds,Unconventional oil and gas department audit) November 24, 2016, organized by PetroChina CO2 technology exchange activities held in Xi'an. CNPC engineering company, Chuanqing drilling company, Daqing drilling company, the Great Wall drilling company, Langfang branch, Bohai drilling, drilling, West drilling, Orient Bao Lin company and a number of units of nearly 40 delegates attended the meeting and activities. Orient Bao Lin was invited to attend the meeting, unconventional oil and gas business manager Zhang Bin in the technical exchange meeting of our company in the CO2 technology work report speech.


On the morning of 24, the technical team Orient Bao Lin company has toured the CCDC Changqing underground base in Xianyang, and contact with the carbon dioxide fracturing laboratory and downhole operation tool room associated with carbon dioxide technology and its supporting facilities and tools. At 2:30 in the afternoon, exchange of carbon dioxide fracturing technology held on time in the first floor of the hotel hall in changqing. During the meeting, respectively by CNPC's Daqing drilling company, Chuanqing drilling company, the Great Wall drilling company, Langfang branch, and other units on theOrient Bao Lin speak freely technology development and application of carbon dioxide fracturing effect of each unit, delegates a heated discussion, and actively explore the development prospects of the technology achievements at home and abroad. And how to further promote the popularization and application of this technology in the domestic unconventional oil and gas reservoir development areas. In the conference on in-depth analysis of our company currently in unconventional oil and gas fracturing technology especially the achievements and progress maded in terms of carbon dioxide fracturing technology combined with the research of foreign technology application prospects of carbon dioxide fracturing technology in China, and has been recognized and affirmed by the leaders and experts.


By the participating in this ChinaPetro Corporation organizated CO2 technology exchange activities, we demonstrated once again the deep accumulation and development of our company in the domestic development of unconventional oil and gas fields and new technology, for our company in the relevant technology plays a good role promoting.

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