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(Orient BaoLin Communist Party Branch feeds) In support of the leadership of the company, Orient Bao Lin from the end of last year is to begin planning the establishment of a party branch. After six months of careful preparation, in Haidian District Xueyuan Road Street Working Committee under the guidance of the East, Bao Lin company Party branch has been formally established, the Party Branch Committee headquarters in Beijing to carry out the first focus on learning activities.


Orient Bao Lin company since its founding in 2006, the company not only strictly abide by the state and Party discipline, to guide the overall development of the company to Scientific Outlook on Development, build a strong technology, strong competitiveness, the development of strong technology of oil and gas technology services company. The correct guidance of this spirit, the Orient Bao Lin company has obtained considerable development. Orient Bao Lin currently office address is located in the National SME incubation center with convenient transportation and beautiful environment of the large engineering building here, close to the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beikeda, China University of Geosciences and other famous universities, is the domestic famous University of Haidian district and High-tech Zone, strong cultural atmosphere, scientific and technological talent aggregation.


As the company continues to grow, companies are eager to establish a party branch of the increasingly strong desire, hope that under the correct leadership of the Party of the business to achieve greater progress in social return, return the kindness of the party. The company has set up a party branch carefully prepare the application materials submitted to the Department of large engineering building by the Party committee study has been approved, after half a year of data conversion, Party preparatory work, now officially established the Orient Bao Lin  company party branch!



The establishment of the Party branch, is a major event in the development of our company, the company is also a major tribute to the upcoming ten anniversary celebration, will further promote the scientific development of the company. At present our Party branch has 6 official members, all for the bachelor degree, the graduate degree is 5, and received a number of staff submitted an application to join the party.


In June 13th, the Party branch committee member company to carry out the first party life study, we focus on learning the <>,<>,<> etc.. Will you speak warmly, carefully exchanges, combined with their practical work experience, discussed how to use the theory to guide the field work of the party and other issues, and achieved satisfactory results, we also look forward to the next party will be held successfully learning life.

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