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(Huashan Hu feeds, Tight oil and gas business development department in July 3, 2016, July 14th, audit) BaoLin company to the Great Wall drilling company in the successful completion of the Su XX-XX-1, Su XX-XX-2 two wells of CO2 foam fracturing construction in collaboration with full support, the construction parameters have reached the design requirements, two wells blowout effect is good. Our new process of CO2 Foam Fracturing in low permeability tight gas reservoir of the successful implementation of the new technology provides a tool for increasing efficiency in Sulige gas field.


This project is carbon dioxide foam fracturing, fracturing problems and difficulties in the target area of our company, put forward the basis of its technical advantages. In the support of the Great Wall drilling company, cleaning foam fracturing fluid system developed by our company is combined with liquid carbon dioxide, the industry authority, the excellent performance indexes, to reach the domestic advanced level. In the construction process, our company and the the Great Wall company actively cooperate with the pre fracturing, develop a detailed construction plan and emergency plan, and through the organization of technology, to carry out emergency drills, held a series of measures, the construction site construction mobilization meeting admission attendance and other construction risks to the effective control of carbon dioxide foam fracturing. In the process of construction, technical team of tight oil and Gas Development Department of our company with excellent technology and rich experience in the field of construction and cooperate closely on the guidance of fracturing, timely solve the problems encountered in the construction, two wells construction to ensure the smooth implementation of the. Among them, Su XX-XX-2 well fracturing pump into the liquid carbon dioxide is 290 cubic meters, 340 cubic meters of clean fracturing fluid and fracturing fluid of 49.1 cubic meters of ceramsite, creating a new record in Sulige area of carbon dioxide foam fracturing scale. At present, 2 wells pressure after discharge showed prominent effect, into the test production stage. So far, our company has achieved great success in the cleaning of CO2 Foam Fracturing in Sulige gas field to carry out the service.


Compared with the conventional fracturing fluid, CO2 foam fracturing fluid has strong carrying capacity, low damage fracturing, conductivity maintaining rate is high, can effectively reduce the damage of water sensitivity and water blocking, can significantly reduce the amount of fracturing fluid, reduce the waste of water resources, and alleviate the environmental pressure caused by the late water treatment, flowback the ability is strong, can realize the fast flowback of fracturing fluid, thereby reducing the two damage to the reservoir, improve the low permeability and low pressure gas reservoir fracturing effect, and shorten the production cycle. The technology has good effect of increasing production and economic benefit, and the future development is very broad.

           The new technology of carbon dioxide foam fracturing for the successful implementation of this technology in the future in low permeability tight gas reservoir in Sulige gas field application has accumulated valuable experience, but also provides a new idea for the block fracturing. Our company has been fully affirmed the party and partners in the project implementation process, enhance the visibility of our company in Sulige gas field, at the same time as our future technical service market in the region has laid a solid foundation.

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