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Orient BaoLin in Sulige Gas field of CO2 Foam Fracturing to New Heights


(Huashan Hu, Dongdong Wu feeds, Tight oil and gas business development department audit) October 12, 2016, Our company Tight oil and gas development at the support to division branch technology and downhole drilling in Bohai Sulige Clothing,we get the successful completion of the Su 76-XX-XX well of CO2 foam fracturing.The fracturing construction is pumped into the liquid carbon dioxide is 290 cubic meters, 400 clean fracturing fluid one of the largest up to 31% cubic meters of sand, once again set a new record number of CO2 foam fracturing construction in Sulige area.



The su76-XX-XX well completion depth is 3387 meters, the reservoir pressure is 26.04MPa, the temperature is about 110.3 DEG C, and the fractured reservoir of the well belongs to the category of the second kind of reservoir, and the gas saturation of the formation is lower, the deviation of the reservoir condition. Through our technical staff fine analysis, optimization of fracturing program, we decided in the wells with casing annulus fracturing injection, At the basis of previous carbon dioxide foam fracturing on the successful experience in the construction of the injection rate, sand volume, foam quality and other key design parameters for optimization. After careful organization and command, the parties involved in the coordination of construction, the construction process of the indicators have reached the design requirements. The smooth implementation of the fracturing operation, our company independent research and development of CO2 foam-fracturing technology and supporting the clean fracturing fluid system is more mature and perfect, the technique for low permeability tight gas reservoir in Sulige gas field, low taste provides strong technical support and effective reservoir economy.


The flowback 17 hours of ignition, as of October 13th at 10 in the morning flowback rate has reached 45.2%, Compared with the conventional fracturing flowback, highlight the advantages of CO2 fracturing effect.

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