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The company's technical team with the southwest oil and gas fields and Jianghan Oilfield in-depth shale gas horizontal well fracturing technology exchanging.


(An Chen feeds,shale gas development department business audit) Repeated fracturing of shale gas horizontal wells is one of the main techniques of North American shale gas development, and with the latter part of shale gas exploitation in refracturing will become an important means of old students, according to the relevant foreign research, technical requirements and JiaoShiBa and Weiyuan - Changning shale gas horizontal well development, specially invited 3 experts with rich experience in the design and site of refracturing, they will respectively from the preferred foreign refracturing wells refractured process parameter optimization, temporary plugging fracturing repeated steering technology and other aspects of case analysis and technical exchanges.


November 2016, Du Linlin, President of the company led the domestic technical team and foreign experts, in the southwest oil and gas fields and Sinopec Jianghan Oilfield made on shale gas fracturing technology, a special report. The two meeting main reported the repeated-Fracturing development, refractured foreign refracturing standard process, refracturing wells optimization system, method of repeated fracturing design cases and shale gas refractured proposals.


In this process, the shale gas fracturing well selection system and the new technology of fracturing new products as the two key technologies have become the focus of the discussion. At the same time, oil leadership at all levels and oil experts also put forward many issues related to technology, Orient Bao Lin's technical team and three foreign experts on these issues are explained in detail and the full answer.

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